City Boards and Commissions Title
 Advertising and Promotion Commission
The City of Conway Advertising & Promotion Commission was created by the City Council to facilitate tourism and the promotion of the City of Conway. The Advertising and Promotion Commission collects taxes on hotel/motel accommodations and levy taxes on all prepared food and beverages. The board consists of seven members each of whom serves a 4 year term.

The Advertising and Promotion Commission typically meets the first Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm in the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Conference Room located at 900 Oak Street, Conway, Arkansas.

Reggie Rose
Angela Bagby
Ray Kordsmeier, Chairman
Mike Kraft
Jeremy Gardner
Andy Hawkins
Shelia Whitmore
Barbara Money

Term Expires
City Council member
City Council member

All terms expire in May of the year listed.
For more information:
Contact Barbara Money, CPA, at 329-3776 or Felicia Rogers at

  Letter from the Mayor
  Ordinance No. O-05-142
  Collection and Enforcement (99k)
  A & P Tax Permit Application
  City of Conway Advertising & Promotion Tax Permit Application (99k)
  A & P Gross Receipts Tax Monthly Report
  Conway Advertising & Promotion Commission Gross Receipts Tax Monthly Report
Updated 25 JUNE 2014