2015-30 Street - Bruce Street & Drainage Improvements

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Bid Number: 2015-30

Status: Closed

Location: Conway City Hall

Address: 1201 Oak St

Bid Opening Date: 


09/10/2015 - No Official Bids Tab have been issued.

09/01/2015 - Unofficial Bid Tabs are posted. This tab is not final until City Council approve and Engineer checks all numbers.

Please contact Street Dept for additional information.

08/25/2015 - Addendum II has been added

08/24/2015 - Addendum I has been added

No electronic/complimentary copy is available. All bid specs and plans will cost $50.00

If you need this bid specification and plans mailed; please email all information to felicia.rogers@cityofconway.org. Please be sure to include a contact name and address, Fed-Ex Account number, type of service you request (Overnight, second day, etc.) and how your check will be received. Upon receiving your email; we will process your request.

*No Engineer’s estimate has been provided.

Vendor listing is updated daily on our website.

All information regarding this bid will be provided on our website.