Airport Advisory Committee

The City of Conway Airport Advisory Committee was created by the City Council to provide advice and guidance to the Mayor, airport operator (fixed base operator or city airport manager) and City Council on airport management, operations, facilities, equipment, planning and other areas as needed for the efficient operations of the airport. The committee will consist of seven members, at least four of which will be licensed pilots. members are to be selected by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members will serve staggered four-year terms. The Conway Airport Advisory Committee will be considered a secondary blue ribbon committee due to the limited number of individuals experienced in airport operations.

The Conway Airport Advisory committee normally meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at Cantrell Field, located at 3250 Sand Gap Road at 3:00pm.

Name: Kevin Wish Ward: Ward 1 Term Expires: 2020
Name: William Hegeman Ward: Ward 2 Term Expires: 2019
Name: Steve Magie Ward: Ward 2 Term Expires: 2018
Name: Fletcher Smith Ward: Ward 3 Term Expires: 2018
Name: William "Bill" Adkisson Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2019
Name: Harrell Clendenin Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2020
Name: Brad Teague Ward: Ward 4 Term Expires: 2019

All terms expire in the year listed.

For additional information contact:
Josh Zylks, Airport Director at / (501) 358-6200
Jack Bell, Chief of Staff at / (501) 450-6110
Finley Vinson, City Engineer at / (501) 450-6165