Street & Engineering Department


Finley Vinson,
Director and City Engineer

Mission Statement

To provide professional, courteous service to the citizens of Conway, and bring value, efficiency and quality to municipal operations through precision, discernment, and dedication.

Vision Statement

To provide the safest, most efficient transportation and stormwater infrastructure systems in the state to every resident and visitor of Conway.

Primary Functions

The City of Conway Street & Engineering Department is solely responsible for maintaining approximately 365 miles of local roadways and approximately 60 traffic signals. In addition, the department provides engineering and construction services for the City of Conway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Street & Engineering Staff E-Mails

Finley Vinson, Director
Karen Francis, Administrative Assistant
Jacob Reynolds, Street Superintendent
Phillip Vick, Civil Engineer
Neil Reed, Civil Engineer
Jack Branscum, Civil Engineer
Alan Alvey, Traffic Signal Manager

Construction Plans
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