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Roundabouts in Conway
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Using the New Roundabout at Prince Street and Western Avenue

The City of Conway will soon be opening its second roundabout at the intersection of Prince Street and Western Avenue. This roundabout will include both single-lane and two-lane sections. This information is provided to help drivers understand how to use the roundabout safely and efficiently. A diagram of the roundabout is provided on the back of this page.

Approaching the Roundabout:
  1. Put Down Your Cell Phone.
  2. Choose a lane: This new roundabout will be approached by two single-lane roads and two two-lane roads. Single lane entrances to the roundabout offer access to all roads exiting the roundabout. The two-lane roads require the driver to pick a lane. On a two-lane road, the right lane is for immediate right turns only at the very next roundabout exit. The left lane can not be used for an immediate right turn. Use the left lane for traveling straight through the roundabout or when traveling around the roundabout to make a left turn. Do not change lanes in the roundabout.
  3. Yield to Pedestrians: The pedestrian crosswalk is located one car length behind the yield line for cars entering the roundabout. If you are second in line to enter the roundabout, do not block the pedestrian crosswalk. When the car in front of you enters the roundabout, you can move up to the yield line of the roundabout and prepare to enter the roundabout.
  4. Yield to Cars in the Roundabout: The cars in the roundabout circle have the right of way. All cars in the roundabout should travel counter-clockwise to the right around the roundabout. Look to the left for a gap between cars large enough for you to safely enter the roundabout.
  5. Entering the Roundabout: Stay Right! When entering the roundabout, stay to the right of the center island and travel around the roundabout counter-clockwise. You now have the right of way. Cars entering the roundabout should yield to you.
  6. Signal a Right Turn When Exiting: When you approach your exit, turn on your right turn signal. Watch for pedestrians in the crosswalk as you exit the roundabout and yield if present.
Other Considerations:
  1. Do not pass or change lanes in the roundabout.
  2. Large trucks and vehicles pulling trailers can use the red concrete apron around the center island to help drive through the roundabout. Let the back wheels roll across the center apron keeping the front wheels in the travel lane. Regular vehicles should stay in the travel lanes.
  3. Do not stop inside the roundabout to let emergency vehicles pass. If you are in the roundabout when an emergency vehicle enters the roundabout, exit the roundabout first and then pull out of the way. If an emergency vehicle is approaching the roundabout from another direction do not enter the roundabout. If an emergency vehicle is approaching the roundabout from behind you and you are blocking the entrance, enter the roundabout then pull to the side after exiting.
  4. Bicyclists have the same rights as cars when using the roundabout. As you enter the roundabout yield to bicyclists who are already in the roundabout.
  5. Pedestrians should not use the center island or its apron!

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Posted 08-23-2007
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